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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated nor sponsored by any brand name designer companies. The name trademark and copyright are properties of the respective manufacturer. Nonetheless, Carrero’s Fragrances, is not affiliated with the original manufacturer or designer brands of the original perfume Our product is simply a fragranced body oil that can be used on the body and also can be used in an aromatherapy burner. Our interpretation of the fragrances are created through dynamic and intensive analysis of each principal component and notes in the fragrance. We, Carrero’s Fragrances are not infringing on the manufacturers and/or designer name and valuable trademark. We do not present our product as an original or exact copy. Hence, we are not violating any copyright laws. Our product and listing have no affiliation, no association, and are not sponsored by any of the trademark owners. The purpose of the description is to give the customer an idea of the fragrance characteristics, it is not our intention to mislead or confuse the customers or infringe on the manufacturers or designers name and trademark. The image shown is only for picture reference.